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Money Saving Tips

Being a single parent can mean facing some financial hardship. It isn’t always easy to save money, but there are smart and creative ways to cut down on certain expenses! Also, keep track of spending and bills with a planner or calendar, organizing these things can help with budgeting.

  • Decipher between things that you want and things that you need when you go out shopping.
  • Use coupons! They can really assist with everyday needs.
  • Try using homemade items instead of purchasing them, like homemade laundry detergent for example.
  • Use a cheaper cell phone or cable service.
  • Shop at dollar stores! They have excellent deals on things you may not expect them to.
  • Make meals ahead of time to avoid spending too much on dinners.
  • Compare prices online before making purchases, and you may be able to find better deals.
  • Buy some things used, or decide to go without.

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A Single-Mother’s Dream

In Atlanta, a single mother received a dream come true gift. The Atlanta habitat for humanity and the Warrick Dunn charity, teamed up together to give Wanda Boykins family a home. Aaron’s Furniture as well helped out by furnishing the home for the family.

Wanda is a single mother of 4 children, and a couple of weeks ago, their home was destroyed from a tree falling right through the house. On, Tuesday she thought she was going to the home for inspections, and was surprised to find out the house was hers. She cried even more when they gave her the additional news that the house came furnished for her and for her children.

The three charities teamed up as well, to give her a 5,000 dollar check for the down payment of the home. As stated in FOX 5 news, Warrick Dunn informs this is the 143rd house he has helped a family receive. He also mentions how he can never get tired of seeing the families’ emotions when walking through their new home.

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Fun Activities for the Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial  Day is on Monday the 25th of May need some ideas to keep you busy during the long weekend . Listed below are some ideas fun but yet inexpensive.

Kids love the beach well most of them. A trip to the beach would be great if the weather is perfect sun shining. Grab some towels, sunblock of course and pack a lunch. It would be a good idea to take some chairs or blankets to sit on so your able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Another idea is planning a BBQ. Invite some family over a potluck would be great. It would be great to catch up in case you haven't seen each other lately.

Also a bike ride would be fun a form of exercise plus enjoying time with your children, best of both worlds. Don't forget your sunblock since you'll be in the sun.

Spending the day at the park with your kids is a good idea also. Pack a lunch play around maybe bring a basketball or some equipment to play base ball.


Free Summer Activities ☀

With summer right around the corner, having some fun activities lined up is a great idea – and best of all, they’re free!

  • Build a lemonade stand

Making an adult-supervised lemonade stand is a great idea for kids, and a fun way to meet new friends and make their own money!

  • Go to a free summer movie or concert

Your local recreation department should be able to inform you of any upcoming free concerts or movies, which can be great fun for kids and parents.

  • Have a water balloon fight!

Running through the sprinklers, going for a swim, or having a water balloon fight with friends or family can be a blast on a hot summer day.

  • Act out a skit or play

Have a stage, popcorn for the audience, and make it fun!

  • Take a trip to the beach

Whether it’s laying in the sand and soaking up some sun or swimming in the ocean, the beach can be a great day for any member of the family.

  • Have a picnic at the park

Pack up a meal and a blanket and head to a local park!