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Quote of the Day- A Single Parent

I do admire those who are alone.
Alone to raise a part of their future.
To the child's birth to the age of teen,
To be taking care of the adolescent.
I do not think there is a greater task,
To be the only adult in the child's life.
What you do is twice as rewarding.
Twice the love for a single parent.
You also are the one to receive
Twice as much from your child.
Throughout your child's life here,
You are the most important element.
Even in our later years of your life,
Your child remembers those past times.
Those time of great troubles that were
Spawned from being a single parent.


Stress Busters for Single Parents

Feeling the pressure? Sometimes all it takes it something simple to help out!


Getting some physical activity in your routine will make you feel a lot better, and look a lot better too! Stress levels decrease when you start to sweat.

Focus on Important Things

Try not to dwell on things you cannot change, or things that aren't really important in your life. Focusing and putting your effort into all of the right things will be best in the long run.

Say 'Yes' or 'No' When it Feels Right

Let yourself determine when it feels okay to say yes or no. Just remember - it's okay to say yes to alone time and fun time! It is one of the keys to happiness.

Have Your Favorite Snack

Treat yourself to something you love to eat - whether it's pizza, chocolate, or something else! It can help you feel better when you're stressing out.

Hug your Kids

Giving your little ones a big hug can remind you what means the most in your life!

Take a Moment

Taking a few minutes to breath and think is important, it is always a good idea taking time out of your day to collect yourself.

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The Women Build Habitat for Humanity Project

In Wichita, Kansas a Single Mother gets the biggest gift any mother would appreciate. A home for her children to grow up in and a place she can call her own. Contributed by the help of the new program from Habitat of Humanity called “Women Build Habitat for Humanity project,” When other women come together to help single mothers build a home.

This project started on Wednesday morning and will take about another five weeks to complete the build of Amanda’s new home. Amanda has also contributed about 250 hours of work towards helping to build her home.

As stated in the KWCH12 News article, “ I grew up in a single parent household, only my mother, she showed me nothing but empowerment and it’s touching that it’s nothing but a women’s build, said Amanda. “ It hits close to home.”

Click Here for a Short Clip about the Build

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Quote of the Day- You are Strong!

How often has it happened- an acquaintance hears your story or sees your child and says, "I'm not as strong as you. I could never deal with all the things you deal with." And you shake your head modestly and brush it off, and maybe even feel a little condescended to. But you know what? They're right. You're strong. You're facing things that the average parent doesn't even want to imagine, and you're handling them all. Whether you were strong to begin with or had strength thrust upon you by necessity, you're one strong parent, one strong person! Your children thrive on it. You may wish you never had to be so strong but appreciate that strength now. It make you special. Capable. A force to be reckoned with. - Unknown

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Stranger buys a car for a Single Mom in Random Act of Kindness

“Leave footprints of Love and Kindness wherever you go”

Connie Cole a 32 year old single mom in North Carolina was gifted a free car by a complete stranger- YES a complete stranger. After over hearing Connie’s struggles while talking to a sales manager on the speakerphone at Carolina Auto Sale in Black Mountain, an anonymous benefactor decided to reward the single mom with a 2004 Chevy Impala – dealership owner Wesley Gurley told ABC News. "I'll never forget him," Cole said. "I'm excited about the car but I'm even more excited that Jesus is listening to my prayers."

To read more information on this random act of kindness click below to read the full article.

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Clean New Ways to Breast Feed in NYC Airports

No need to use the restroom to nurse your child.  Three of New York City Airports have  "The Pods" used for Mothers to nurse their child.

Mamava,the Manufacturer that made the "The Pod", is a devoted brand dedicated to transforming the breast feeding culture.

The creation and installation of these pods was sponsored by The Baby Care Company of the 7th generation, helping mothers to find a private place in an airport to breastfeed or pump in a cleanly, and private area specifically for them. They also want and are planning for more pods in more airports in the future.

The Pods are about 4 feet by 8 feet, and large enough for a single family of 4 plus any luggage. They also have a door that is able to fully close for privacy.

There are four pods located in New York City in three different airports, such as JetBlue Terminal at Kennedy Airport, Two at Newark Liberty International Airport, and one at La Guardia Airport.

This new invention will be able to help a mother nurse her child in a clean and comfortable area.

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An incredible true story of love, courage, and perseverance…

Mama Moon is an inspirational story of an extraordinary mother who became a self-made millionaire despite the obstacles she had to overcome such as being a single mother, struggling with illiteracy, and dealing with the loss of her two children and husband. Moon lost her husband during the Vietnam War, leaving her alone with their three children and without friends or family. Despite all her hardships she discovered a knack for negotiating lucrative real estate business deals. Moon wanted to share her life story with others. To give hope to those who are at their darkest hour. To inspire those who want to achieve more in life. To help people stop feeling sorry for themselves. By sharing herself with others, she hoped that they would appreciate what they have – no matter how small – and use it to their fullest potential.

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National Autism Awareness Month!


The meaning of the puzzle pattern on the ribbon represents the obstacles of the condition. “HOPE”- is the main concept behind the design and colors of the ribbon. For those with the condition and the family members having a loved one with the condition, to not feel alone.

From the non-profit Autism Speaks organization article states that one in every 68 children are diagnosed with autism. They also point out that boys are almost five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. Only one in every  189 girls are recognized to have autism.

One of the main myths of what causes autism involves vaccines. The non-profit Autism Speaks organization clearly informs parents to get their children vaccinated because research has shown vaccines do not interrupt the genes of the child to cause autism.

There is still no cure for autism, but a lot of research is still being carried on. Down below is a video of Wendy Chung director of Clinical Research at the Simons Foundation Autism Research, explaining more about autism and the steps being taken to achieve the goal to find a cure.

Wendy Chung Speech

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#Woman Crush Wednesday

We hope you enjoy this video of a compassionate woman, kindergarten teacher Sonya Romero, she couldn't help but cry - you'll see why.

Click Here: See This Amazing Teacher

This New Mexico elementary teacher makes sure her students have clean clothes, breakfast, and brushed teeth every morning before she begins teaching.

When Child Protective Services showed up at her school for two children, she offered to take them, and later became their official foster mom. Ellen Degeneres wanted to reward this unselfish woman - who spends a lot of her time and money to make sure all her students have a healthy and happy day.

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We hope this video helps you to keep dreaming and achieve the goals you have set in your mind. Don't give up, don't let anyone put you down. Those around you, who put you down and put negative thoughts into your mind, they know you have the power to achieve and grow and be successful in your dream. They don't want you to reach your highest potential. Let those negative people leave your life, and you focus on YOU,  your goals and grow as a person. Be positive and never fear to fall, because you will get right back up and won't stop until you reach your highest potential.

You are a strong person and never let anyone tear you down!

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We hope this video inspired you and helps you to keep dreaming!

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